Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Royal Palace of Caserta, the Versailles Palace in the Italian region of Campania

The monumental ensemble of Caserta is a splendid example of full integration between buildings and green areas. It was Charles III of Borbone (great-grandson of the Sun King) who had it made in the 1700s, wishing to claim the importance of the kingdom of Naples in Europe.

The task was assigned to Luigi Vanvitelli who got his inspiration from Versailles. He embedded the palace with its luxurious halls, staircases and ballrooms, in a scenic park enriched with ornamental waterworks, fountains and a waterfall called Diana.

Next to it, a pleasant English garden complete with hunting pavilions. Three kilometersnorth-east of Caserta, at San Leucio, Ferdinando Borbone created in the 1700s, the first section of a silk manufacturing palace, planned according to a pure enlightenment vision.

Caserta is on the highway A1 Milan-Rome-Naples, 30 Km from Naples, 190 km from Rome and 760 km from Milan.

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