Friday, January 24, 2014


Relaxing at the most famous alpine station

At the bottom of a splendid valley overhung by the majestic Mount Blanc, lies Courmayeur (1224m), the most famous and certainly the oldest alpine station in Italy.

It has been appropriately given the name Pearl of the Alps for the beauty of its landscape, the elegance of its buildings and its warm hospitality.

Having become a tourist attraction at the end of the 17th century for its Spas and mineral waters, Courmayeur has become one of the major ski resorts in the world.

Courmayeur offers skiers the possibility to ski along the sides of the Mont Blanc (4810m), the highest peak in Europe.

Mountain lovers have been coming up here ever since the middle of the 17th century, when the area hosted the Royal Family of the Savoias and many Piedmontese nobles. Since then, its popularity has increased constantly, especially to its 100 Km of tracks, the slope along the Mont Blanc glacier.

Those who think the day does not end at sun set will not be disappointed in Courmayeur.
There are numerous places where you can spend your time, from early evening to late night, surrounded by that warm and magical atmosphere that you can only find in mountain places.

There are many farms, each one has its own peculiarity and atmosphere: some are ideal for a romantic evening, others are fun places where you can dance all night, or just for enjoy their specialties such as fontina (cheese),lard and apples, dishes which show the love and respect for the mountain land and its products.

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