Monday, February 17, 2014

St. Mark's Square, the only square in Venice called square and the largest in the city

Defined by Napoleon as "the most elegant salon in Europe", in piazza San Marco have taken place: processions, political movements and Carnival parades. The tourists have always come to see two of the most important historic attractions: the The Basilica of St. Mark's and Palazzo Ducale.

In addition to these magnificent buildings there are: the bell-tower, the Correr museum, the Clock Tower, the Royal Gardens, open-air orchestras, prestigious caf├ęs, like Quadri and Florian and many elegant shops.

With 170 meters long, St. Mark's square is the only place in Venice that takes the name of square because all other places in the form of a square are called fields.

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Basilica of St. Marks
The Bell Tower
The Palazzo Ducale